Mirror Image

So, I guess this is my face now. 

The age spots are beginning to connect up in such a way that I soon won’t need to go outside “to get a little color” - it'll be built in.

The lines on my face are not merely lines any longer. They are a series of crevasses and fissures, each one as deep and real as the years that put then there. Some of them deepened through joy and laughter, some of them carved by loss and unfathomable sadness, but each one honest.

I’ve never been able to grow a decent beard, even as such things fall in and out of fashion. In any case, there is not trace of the brown-haired boy I used to be left in what passes for my my beard now. Gray, white and something in between appear when I skip shaving for a day or two. I guess it makes me look older, but I really can’t tell.

The eyelids are drooping and the riot of cracks and lines and surrounding the eyes looks like a road map of a poorly-planned city…or perhaps the tangled story of my life…

But the eyes themselves…they still smile…they are as young as they ever were and as old as they are. They still burn with the white hot intensity of youth and promise, now tempered with the wisdom of age and promises broken.

Countless advertisements tell me that most of these things can be fixed; lines smoothed, jaw-line tucked, colors adjusted, eyes tightened.

But who would I be then?

Because this is my face now.

My face.



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Everytime i start reading one sentence Of Ray's texts, i can't seem to put it down.. Like a clever writer and teller of a story should, he captures me into his world and let's me be a part of it, feeling like a spectator at all times, almost able to smell the coffee his drinking.. Powerful writer & writing! ❤ #HighlyRecommended!
Thank you for the perspective. Just this week, I realized I need to change my hair color on my driver's license. Damn fluorescent lights. RW succinct and on point as always and then there is the gift of "A Father's Heart" in addition to all of the music!
Ray has always been on one thing, brutally honest, brutally sincere. His Words, Music, and material are a wonderful reflection of just who he is, just where he came from.
We all try to be true to ourselves no matter where life takes us. Every scar, metaphorical or literal, tells a story, and plays a vital role in who we are and what we look like today. And acceptance comes from within. No matter what we look like, be it age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, we will never be accepted by others if we don't accept ourselves first. This is beautifully written, Ray. Thank you for sharing!

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