On the Air!!!

Podcasting? Really, Ray?

There is already at least one podcast for every man, woman, child, dog, cat and other life form on the planet, so why bother?

The truth is, I miss being on the radio, and podcasting is kinda like being able to do it again.

Back when I started, being a radio announcer was a lovely gig. Nah, I never made much money at it, and barely got into medium markets, but at the beginning, when there was a certain autonomy, it was wonderful.

I’d pretty much given up on the idea of getting a radio gig when John Jeppi, the president of the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland (BIM) called me and said I had been hired at WDDY in Gloucester, Virginia. 

I’d been on a couple of interviews after graduating from the little trade school, but no one had bitten yet. 

Given what I believed was the overwhelming level of my broadcasting prowess, I figured they were all just jealous. 

Or stupid. 

Far less talented classmates had gotten jobs in exotic sounding small towns like Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina and Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. 

I was still in Baltimore. Selling records at the local mall and fighting with the same girlfriend I’d had since high school. When Mr. Jeppi called and said I had been hired at ‘DDY, I was confused.

“I don’t remember applying there…where is it?”

“You didn’t apply. They’ve used our students before and called looking for somebody. You are the last student from your class to be placed. Don’t mess it up. And Weaver….get a haircut. You are headed south, and well, the way you look…”

This was 1974. Mr. Jeppi had never quite approved of my shoulder length brown hair and John Lennon glasses, and was pretty clear that they were part of the reason that I hadn’t been hired for any of the other small town jobs I had applied for. Fortunately, the folks in Tidewater hadn’t actually seen me yet. 

 BIM required that men wear jackets and ties and women wear professional business attire while attending class, and I think Mr. Jeppi was afraid that once they got a load of me in Virginia, his reputation would be ruined.

Oh, it would take me  a while to mess up the goodwill between WDDY and BIM, but I would eventually get it done.

And I didn’t cut my hair.

Anyway, I writing a book about being in radio, so I’ll leave that there for now, but if you’d like to hear my dulcet tones and my very first podcast, it’s right here.


And, with the holiday season all around us, what better gift than an uplifting book about family and the sweet things in life? ‘A Father’s Heart’. Go grab one. Or a dozen!

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