Too Old to Die Young

I am 61-years-old. 

At an age when a lot of folks are considering a beach chair someplace sunny, I decided to become an entrepreneur … well, as soon as I learned how to spell it. 

I wrote a book called A Father's Heart and started trying to get people to read and buy it. 

It’s not easy. That beach chair looks mighty tempting some days. 

But writing my stories and songs still looks better, so I keep scribbling away. The great thing about doing this on my own, minus publishers and record companies is that you, the people that I write and sing for, are my gatekeepers. No one is filtering what I write and sing for you, deciding what you want to hear. 

It’s just you and me.

Many of you have read the stories when they were published in different places over the years, and you’ve heard the songs at gigs, or when a few were released. And of course here on the good ol’ internet.

You’ve often told me how much they meant to you.

That means much more to me than the approval of someone behind a desk whose main interest is not so much the music, but how much more cat food the music might be able to sell.

I honestly believe there is a longing for something that there is not too much of out there these days. 

Simple things. 

Real things. 

Stories and sings with heart and humour, and without the cynicism and jaundice that seems to have taken over so much music and art these days. Sure, there’s a place for that. This just isn't that place.

It’s not that there is anything wrong with the music you are hearing, it’s just that there is not much chance of the gatekeepers letting you hear much of anything else.

That’s why I wrote ‘A Father’s Heart’. And that’s why I give the music that comes with the ebook away to anyone that buys the book.

In these divisive times, when it seems so hard to find any common ground, I want my stories and songs about the history that we all share, no matter where we come from or what we believe in, to be a momentary shelter away from all of the negative noise we are subjected to, day after day.

I want it to be for dads, moms, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, Democrats, Republicans … anyone needing to touch base with who they are and where they come from. These are my songs and my stories, but we all really aren’t all that different and I’m betting you will find a little of yourself as well.

Not a bad deal for about 10 bucks, really.


No major label is going to pick it up. Publishers seem to have a rough time figuring out how to deal with a book/music combination. My only avenue is to get it to you directly. I’ve never been one for fences, so I’m jumping over this one as well. The book is here, the music comes with it for free. If you already have one, thank you and tell your friends. If you haven’t ordered one yet, please consider it and … tell your friends! 

And thanks.

Projects like this will never make anyone rich, so they have to come from the heart. This is mine…

Thanks for reading. As a small gift for checking in, here's a download to Reckless Angel, a song that I've yet to release. Enjoy. And thanks.

The hard copy, you-can-hold-it-in-your-hand version of A Father's Heart, or the instant gratification ebook version are both available here.

By the way, the title of this blog was cribbed from a song by the great Kevin Welch, which you can hear here.


I love this book and CD! Jeg har med stor fornøjelse læst "A Father`s Heart" og kan på det varmeste anbefale bogen! Ray beskriver mange sjove, hjertevarme, rørende og gribende fortællinger fra sit liv og det er svært at lægge bogen fra sig. Fortællingerne bringer samtidig minder frem fra egen barndom, oplevelser man troede var glemt står pludselig helt klart. Jeg følte mig godt underholdt samtidig med at bogen giver stof til eftertanke. Desuden er det en fantastisk oplevelse at lytte til musikken og genopleve historierne fra bogen. Tak for en god oplevelse Ray!

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