Confession - CD

Weaver’s latest collection is a musical and lyrical journey that examines both meanings of the word confession – “an admission of things done wrong and a profession of faith”.

The songs, layered with meaningful lyrics and well-crafted melodies, have the feel of instant classics.

Recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark and Nashville, Tennessee, Confession was produced by the legendary Danish pianist Morten Wittrock. Wittrock is the perfect complement to Weaver, both in the authority of his musicianship and the historical sweep of his production.

Each song is arranged to provide the perfect setting to embrace Weaver’s sincere voice, while adding just the right musical accompaniment to keep the listener engaged. Confession’s Gram Parson-esque title song is the cautionary tale of a man that knows the path to the place to “feel no pain”, but who is not sure if he has the heart left for the journey. The Tennessee Three stomp of “This Road” puts the listener on the blacktop of America’s wide-open Interstate highways, while the bright folk of “Angels (Holding Hands between Us)” brings it all back to a tiny room where two people are falling in love. From the family meditations of “Princess Years” to the bluesy barroom geniuses of “Big Time”, Confession is a CD by an artist that knows his characters, knows their songs and knows how to tell their stories.

What You Wish For - CD

This is Americana and altcountry at it's most honest and heartfelt.

'What You Wish For' is an album of story songs and a showcase for Weaver’s mature and eloquent writing.

“Goin’ Alone” kicks the set off with a lively fiddle led piece. “Big Man” has a punchy hook and some cool slide lines. “Christmas in Copenhagen” is a stunningly beautiful song about longing and loneliness and being away from the one you love. “What You Wish For” is a bittersweet tale complimented by some gorgeous vocals by Valerie Vigoda playing Emmylou to Ray’s Gram. “Grandma’s Place” has a lovely story line and a gentle bluegrass feel, with the banjo of Mike Mumford adding a sparkle that carries the song to an even higher level. “Empty Soul” has a power and eeriness to it and Ray’s performance is at its most dramatic on this one.

The fundamental factor here is that you can feel the artist really has a connection with his material. This is an album that richly deserves all the plaudits it can get.