What You Wish For - CD

This is Americana and altcountry at it's most honest and heartfelt.

'What You Wish For' is an album of story songs and a showcase for Weaver’s mature and eloquent writing.

“Goin’ Alone” kicks the set off with a lively fiddle led piece. “Big Man” has a punchy hook and some cool slide lines. “Christmas in Copenhagen” is a stunningly beautiful song about longing and loneliness and being away from the one you love. “What You Wish For” is a bittersweet tale complimented by some gorgeous vocals by Valerie Vigoda playing Emmylou to Ray’s Gram. “Grandma’s Place” has a lovely story line and a gentle bluegrass feel, with the banjo of Mike Mumford adding a sparkle that carries the song to an even higher level. “Empty Soul” has a power and eeriness to it and Ray’s performance is at its most dramatic on this one.

The fundamental factor here is that you can feel the artist really has a connection with his material. This is an album that richly deserves all the plaudits it can get.