A Father's Heart collects stories and songs by singer/songwriter Ray Weaver into a multimedia package that includes nine songs that relate to the stories of family, life, and love included in the collection. From heartfelt recollections of Christmases past to rollicking days of hunting wild refrigerators, A Father's Heart looks at parents, grandparents, wives, husbands and, of course, children with tenderness, humour, and above all, love.

The audiobook is like getting a fine group of stories and a first class lp of Americana music all in one package



A simple and humbling delivery of childhood and father hood filled with stories that weave past and present, containing threads of humor that infuse the message like a warm blanket. The songs provide a feeling that this book is meant to be shared around the campfire where your own memories will be lit by the heart of another who so poignantly describes the simple, beautiful and funny parts to lifes' greatest treasure; family.” - Lance Sims